The Open Source Survey

Take a 3 minute survey and help identify priorities and challenges of the open-source community.

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The Open Source Survey


We are a group of developers and entrepreneurs, who on a daily basis struggle to balance day-to-day activities, jobs, and families with our open source contributions. We are trying to understand to what degree the community share our problems.

Ultimately, we are trying to acknowledge and understand some of the obstacles open source community is faced with, so we can begin working on overcoming them.


We take the respondent's privacy seriously. You are not required to provide any identifying information. We do not collect any data, other than what you provide through the survey (no cookies, ads or analytics of any kind).

Optionally you can provide us with GitHub username or email address. We will use this information to contact you once the survey results are available.

If you’ve provided identifying information and you want to withdraw your survey entry, contact us at

No third party will be given access to any identifying information.


Once the survey is finished, a complete dataset (without any personal information) will be publicly available. Any identifying information will be removed from the dataset prior to its publication.

Additionally, we will process the data and publish the report.

We are giving away tech merch (shirts, mugs, stickers...). All raffle winners will be contacted via email by the 01.03.2020.